Pukin Beagle Dnails

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The Dnail is designed and produced by Pukinbeagle Glass. The Dnail is an efficient design for use with a barrel style heating coil. The coil wraps around the 16mm or 20mm base of the Dnail, thus heating the inner walls of the Dnail. A spout is placed perfectly in the center to give some height and space to the surrounding dish. Now Dnails come with an option for a 20mm Disorderly Conduction coil that will fit.

3 reviews for Pukin Beagle Dnails

  1. Jesse

    The best quartz enail on the market currently, do yourself a flavor and buy one. You can thank me later

  2. Hans

    Very high quality quarts for enail, doesnt constrict tubing like on qcb, etc

  3. dru

    best flavor. the new design with the higher side wall is also great.

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