Diamond Knots by Jared Betty (Jredglass)

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Jred Diamond Knot Nail

Designed by one of the originators in the industry, Jared Betty, the diamond knot nail is one of the most unique designs to date. Not only does the diamond knot nail look dynamic but this design is intended for flavor even at higher temps.



The Diamond Knot, designed by Jared Betty, is one of the most unique nails in the market. These nails are designed to be used with no carb cap. The cleaning method often used is the torch that was used to heat it up originally. There’s a pit in the center of the nail that is connected to a lattice structure that runs through the nail. The idea of the nail is maximum surface area.

5 reviews for Diamond Knots by Jared Betty (Jredglass)

  1. TriNEthink2wice

    I’ve used the Jred Diamond Knot during a few sessions recently. I can’t remember any of them. Seriously, it’s a great nail!

  2. Shawn

    If your looking for a convenient self capping nail look no further! With dab times ranging between a 30 sec cool down to a full minute this innovative design delivers tastys after tastys consistently. Chris is a true professional in the quartz biz

  3. Max Wax

    Pure fire. The triple stack eats glerbs all day. A true beast.

  4. Irie Butler (verified owner)

    Highly recommend the diamond knot as well as ordering it through Chris. -Irie

  5. Cole (verified owner)

    Best nail for quick easy use no cleaning no capping just pure fun.

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