About QBC

My name is Chris Baker and I came up with QuartzbyChris.com. My goal is to deliver to the community a choice of high quality products in the quartz nail and accessory department by artists and quartz makers within North America. I have chosen designs from a handful of artists with quality in mind. I carry quartz from Evan Shore, Joel Halen, Scientglass, Pukinbeagle, Jared Betty, Chris Schuler, and more. I will introduce more high quality designs from these American Quartz-workers in the future. I will also bring on more Artists like these in the future. There are many great designs being introduced all the time.

The thing everybody needs to remember is that each different design provides a different source of enjoyment in your dabbing experience. Some nails offer better heat retention than others, some nails offer a different dynamic to your experience such as ease of use or cleaning. Some nails are more reasonably priced and some designs are very ornate and aesthetically pleasing. Although you may find one nail is better suited for you than another, just remember variety is the spice of life!

  • Brozay riptide bubblecaps from gordoscientific available at quartzbychriscomhome along with
  • Here are 30mm bubblecaps by pukinbeagle and goldblack label 30mm
  • These are the final 4 remaining Virtuosa Nails I have
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  • Dual Colored OG Riptide Cap  12Hours Ends 1130 PM
  • Banana riptide bubblecap and Citron Og riptide cap by gordoscientific
  • COMBO QUARTZ AUCTION  24Hour Auction ends 700 PM EST
  • Ether OG riptide cap being flanked by two Pink Slyme
  • If you follow me and have a public profile chances
  • The final few Time Capsules and Intrinsic Shield inserts made
  • Hot Sauce and Ketchup riptide caps by gordoscientific for your
  • All Riptide caps by gordoscientific now available on wwwquartzbychriscom Starting

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